The Sparkling Wines of the Hill Country

The Sparkling Wines of the Hill Country

September 02, 2019

No matter the time of year, it seems that most celebrations include raising a glass of sparkling wine. From Dom Perignon to Asti Spumante, sparkling wines have become the traditional “toast” beverages. Although there is an abundant array of these wines on the market, why not uncork a bottle or two made in nearby Fredericksburg? Here are a few suggestions for some lovely, locally-produced sparklers to add a little sizzle to your celebration. First, sip samples of Texas Sparkling Almond Wine, Texas Sparkling Brut, Texas Sparkling Moscato, or Texas Sparkling Rose from the Messina Hof Winery, which also offers delicious canned wines for any occasion.

Next, tantalize your tastebuds with Heath Sparkling Wines at Grape Creek Vineyards, whose creative blends result in some uniquely delicious bubbly. Fill your glass with “Euphoria,” a combination of Sparkling Muscat and Chenin Blanc, “Ebullience,” a sparkling Pinot Grigio, “Adoration,” a Rose presentation of Pinot Noir, or “Blanc de Blancs,” a traditional champagne presentation of Chardonnay with floral notes. Lastly, stop by the Wedding Oak Winery for a taste of their festive Bridal Bliss and Bridal Blush sparklers.

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