Stonehenge and Easter Island, Texas Style

February 05, 2018

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Stonehenge in the countryside of England, or flying to Easter Island to view the huge and enigmatic stone heads there? If you have, be sure to visit the Texas Hill Country, where one of our most unusual and popular tourist attractions is Stonehenge II and the Easter Island Heads. Originally an art project, and built over a nine-month period over 20 years ago, Stonehenge II is an almost exact replica of the original Stonehenge, except that it is only 90 percent of the height and 60 percent of the width.

It is made up of steel and concrete, and maintains a commanding presence, set between the two Easter Island Heads. The Easter Island Heads were added afterward, and the monuments have since been relocated to Ingram, Texas, and are under the auspices of the Hill Country Arts Foundation. Thousands of tourists have visited Stonehenge II and the Easter Island Heads, in their original and current location. The location is free and open to the public from dawn until nightfall. For details, large group permissions, or more information, call (830) 367-5121.

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