It’s All About the Bluebonnets

It’s All About the Bluebonnets

December 03, 2018

Most folks know that the Texas state flower is the beautiful blue (and occasionally pink) bluebonnet. However, what many tourists don’t know is that Texas actually has five state flowers, and all of them are bluebonnets! How this came to be is quite an interesting story. Along with some species of cacti and cotton bolls, the bluebonnet was one of several candidates presented for the choice of a state flower. Turns out, there were, and still are, several varieties of bluebonnets throughout the state, with some differences between them.

After many squabbles by various factions, the lawmakers first put two of the species into one category, then, after three additional species were discovered, put in an umbrella clause that covers all five. Regardless of the species, fields of bluebells are one of the state’s most spectacular attractions, and lots of folks come to Texas during the spring just to see the show. Even the locals love to take road trips to scope out the bluebells. No matter what time of year you visit the Hill Country, you’ll see an abundance of natural beauty, but if you want to see the bluebells, remember to make your plans accordingly.

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