A Gem of a Getaway

June 05, 2017

This year, treat Dad to a genuine treasure hunt with a Father’s Day getaway to Texas’ Hill Country. The treasure is topaz, a valued gem all over the world, but found only in the Hill Country’s Mason County, which is approximately an hour’s drive from Fredericksburg. The best stones are usually found close to the surface near granite outcroppings in ditches and creek beds. Most are clear, but some rarer blue stones have been found. Comanche arrowheads have also been discovered from days past when the tribe journeyed through Mason County on their way from Palo Duro Canyon to the Gulf Coast.

Although topaz can be difficult to find, many folk’s searches are rewarded regularly with some good-sized stones. You’ll need screens, a rake, a shovel, and some gloves for a day’s hunt. If you fail to find any topaz on your own, some Mason county jewelers and gemologists have a variety of stones available for purchase. To book your Hill Country treasure hunt, visit: http://www.yoranchhotel.com/, or call us at (830) 257-4440.

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